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Participation in Teacher Training Pragramme


Teacher Name

Training Name


Ms. Archana Anand

Salient Features of National Education Polict 2020

Career Guidance in Schools

 Understand Multiple Intelligence

Setting outcomes in teaching-learning

Developing Resilience in school


Ms. Gurpreet Gulati

Experiential learning course


Ms. Laxmi Dhiman

Joyful Mathematics


Ms. Megha Ghai

Cyber security & Ethics

Teaching strategies in Science (Secondary level)

Focusing on competency based education

Using Teacher energized Resource Mannual science secondary


Ms. Manisha

Gamification in learning

Teaching strategies in English (Senior Secondary level)

Teaching strategies in English (Secondary level)

Promoting Mental Health


Ms. Pardeep Kaur

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Aware

Experiential Learning Course

21st Century Skills

Managing Change

Salient Features of National Education Policy 2020

Understanding Multiple intelligence


Ms. Poonam Dhiman

Environmental Education in Practice

Salient Features of National Education Policy 2020

Values Education & its significance

Teaching strategies in biology (Sr. Secondary)

Competency Based Education-Module 4 

Competency Based Education-Module 3 

Competency Based Education-Module 2 

Competency Based Education-Module 1

Coonecting & Communicating With Parents   

 Experiential Learning Course

(2021)-NTEP कार्यक्रम संरचना और कार्यक्रम के अंतर्गत सेवाएं  

Using Teacher-Energized Resource Mannual (Science Secondary)


Mr. Puneet Bansal

Understanding Multiple Intelligence

Using Teacher-Energized Resource Mannual- (Primary)

Content 4 time Management

Deliberating on Ethics & Integrity

Importance of Personal Hygiene & Nutrition


Ms. Ranjana Kaushish

हिंदी भाषा में लिखना तथा साहित्य सृजन 

Health Promoting Schools

Importance of personal Hygiene & Nutrition


Ms. Sheetal Sharma

Anger free schools

Teaching strategies in biology (Senior Secondary)











Ms. Sonika




Ms. Supriya



Mr. Vinod Kumar

Experiential learning course

Deliberating on Ethics & Integrity

Setting outcomes in teaching - learning

Teaching strategies in science (Secondary Level)

Anger Free Schools

Understanding Multiple intelligence

Cyber security & ethics

Understanding Multiple Intelligence

Coonecting & Communicating with parents

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